Custom eLearning Development Services

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Off-the-shelf learning is suitable for general topics.

You really engage with your employees, and to ensure comprehensive coverage on a particular topic is where going custom is your best bet. Anyone can create an eLearning resource. To make it engaging, and most importantly, ensuring what is covered is applied is where we come in. An eLearning course can be flashy, micro, long-form, high production, or boot-strapped budgeted. The end goal remains the same.

Applied learning.

This is also where we set ourselves apart from the eLearning crowd.

We understand that great instructional design can miss the whole point. 

We know that eLearning must be deeply engaging and stimulating – even if the topic is deemed boring.

We realize that your vision is about reaching the end user, creating an engaging and memorable experience.

The takeaways from the eLearning must be applied. Actually retained, and used.

It’s done for the betterment of the end user, and the organization.

Types of Custom eLearning Development Services

Complete eLearning Dev

Looking for a turnkey solution for custom eLearning development? Our team will work with you to gather the learning content, define a framework, and develop an engaging eLearning course.

Partial eLearning Dev

Do you already have training content outlined? Our team will take your company’s brand guidelines and create an eLearning course that looks like it was built in-house.

eLearning Resources Dev

Having a crafted course alone doesn’t always equate to actionable takeaways. We also develop training aids and other eLearning resources for downloads and handouts to ensure the learning is applied.

Additional Options and Benefits

Professional Talent

Using a professional stable of talent, we provide voice-over talent for narration to suit our style and preference. We also provide professional multimedia work to enhance your custom eLearning development project.

Dedicated Team

We provide a dedicated team to fulfill your custom eLearning project. An account executive is assigned to answer any questions. Our approach is geared to be frictionless and to provide the best-in-class services we are known for.

Demo Environment

Instead of kicking files back and forth, each project is developed and stored on our secured, best-in-class learning management system (LMS). Access is given to your team for reviews and stored until the project is done. Cloud access to save you time and money, while speeding up development.

What's the cost for custom eLearning development?

As with everything, it really depends on what your project entails.

We know that’s not what everyone wants to hear. The cost of creating customized eLearning ranges due to a number of factors. We strive to ensure you get the best product for your budget. Our entire operation is built around this principle. Still, you may wonder what to expect, so here are some generalized figures.

Voice Over

Professional eLearning Narration
$ 0.40 per word
  • Professional Voice Talent
  • Your Script, Pro Voice
  • Quick Turnaround

Simple Compiling

Your eLearning Resources Compiled Into SCORM
$ 100
per course
  • Convert Existing Resources into SCORM
  • Customized Title Pages
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Free When Using our LMS Services Offering

Assessment Test Bank

Customized SCORM eLearning Test Bank Creation
$ 100
per course
  • Branded Appearance
  • Common Formats
  • Fast Turnaround

Simple Project

Start to Finish eLearning Project - Partial Developed
$ 250
starting at price per course
  • Your Brand, Your Partial Developed Resource
  • We Help Craft and Develop Course and Compile
  • No Voice Over and Less Than 10 Slides

Simple Turnkey Project

Start to Finish eLearning Project - From Scratch
$ 500
starting at price per course
  • Your Brand, Your Idea
  • Our Research, Your Approval
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Voice Over & Add'l Resources - Not Included
  • Example for less than 10 Slides

Detailed Project

Start to Finish - The Works
$ 5,000
starting at price per course
  • Your Brand, Your Idea
  • Our Research, Your Approval
  • Multiple Engagement Points
  • Add'l Resources Included
  • No Slide Limit
  • Voice Over - Script of 1,500 Words

Of course, every project is unique.

These figures are examples for frame of reference.

We believe in being upfront. No catches, no gimmicks, and no surprises. This means framing cost is important. Each eLearning project is discussed with our team. Then we can tailor our approach to fit your budget and needs. Every organization deserves the best eLearning experience, and we provide it. Call us to discuss your project. We’ll save you time and money.

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